Puppy Love
Q: A couple years ago, I found a 16mm Silly Symphonies film reel at an antique store (it looks exactly like the image attached). The title on it is "Mickey goes Courting", but I've never been able to find a reference to any film or short with that title. I don't have a way to play the film, so I haven't been able to see what's actually on it. After a lot of searching, I found that the premise of Puppy Love is Mickey courting Minnie. Was Mickey goes Courting an alternate title, and do I actually have a reel of Puppy Love? Thanks!
Meghan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
A: It is possible that Mickey Goes Courting is a shortened version of Puppy Love.  Disney licensee Hollywood Film Enterprises added new titles when they cut a theatrical cartoon into several parts for home use.