Q: I am hoping you can help me with a title of a box set of books I had when I was younger. There were four or five hardcover books. Each book included a different set of stories (fantasy, adventure, and so on). I think they were from the late 1960s or early 1970s. The stories were shortened from the originals. They were all different color books.
Anthony, Tomah, Wisconsin
A: There were two early boxed sets of four Disney books that are fondly remembered. They had enormous sales through mail-order campaigns. The initial set, from 1965, was called The Wonderful Worlds of Walt Disney, with the individual titles being Fantasyland, Worlds of Nature, America, and Stories from Other Lands. The next set (1970, 1977) was The Walt Disney Parade, including Adventures in Fact, Fun Favorites, Fantasy on Parade, and Great Moments in Fiction.  The sets were published by Golden Press and can be readily found on eBay and at many used book stores.
Dave Smith