Poster for Disney Animated short Mickey Mouse film Get a Horse
Q: Why is the animated short called, Get a Horse? What's the inspiration behind it?
Avi, Irvine CA
A: For an answer, I went to the director of the cartoon, Lauren MacMullan. Here is her reply: "As the Mickey short was being made, I decided I wanted a title that sounded decidedly unmodern--as if if was named in 1928, not 2013. 'Get a Horse' is actually a phrase from the early days of the auto. As cars started venturing out of the city into the country, the newfangled contraptions would spook farmer's horses, who had never seen anything like it and often reacted badly. But the cars themselves often broke down, or had tire troubles; and when this happened, the farmers would ride by and make fun of the drivers by yelling, "Get a horse!" As the short has Mickey and Horace facing off against Pete and his car, I thought this would be a fine title."