Geronimo’s Revenge (film)

Geronimo’s Revenge (film) John Slaughter has been desperately trying to stop Geronimo from violating the rather delicate and nervous peace that has been established with Natchez, the chief of the Apache tribe, who desires a continued peace rather than fruitless bloodshed. The impetuous Geronimo stages increasingly damaging and ferocious raids and escapes below the border. Knowing that he will return, Gen. Nelson A. Miles has sought out Slaughter as the only one who would know how to deal with this dangerous threat. Because of what has happened, Slaughter leaves his ranch and family and plans the strategy that eventually lures Geronimo into a trap that brings to an end his days as a raider. Foreign theatrical compilation of Texas John Slaughter television episodes. First released in England in May 1964. Directed by James Neilson and Harry Keller.  77 min. Stars Tom Tryon, Darryl Hickman. Released on video in 1986. Also the title of episode 12 of the Texas John Slaughter television series.