Recovery Road (television)

Recovery Road (TV) Hour-long series on Freeform, premiering on Jan. 26, 2016 and ending on Mar. 28, 2016. Maddie, a teenage girl dealing with addiction, has a reputation as a party girl who doesn’t think she has a problem, until she is confronted one day by her school counselor and is forced to choose between expulsion and rehab. Maddie makes the difficult decision to live with other recovering addicts at a sober living facility while facing the daily pressures of teenage life. Stars Jessica Sula (Maddie), Sebastian De Souza (Wes Stewart), Sharon Leal (Charlotte Graham), Alexis Carra (Cynthia Molina), Kyla Pratt (Trish Tomlinson), Daniel Franzese (Vern Testaverde), and David Witts (Craig Weiner). Based on the popular young adult novel by Blake Nelson.