Cory in the House (television)

Cory in the House (television) A Disney Channel series, premiering on January 12, 2007, and ending September 12, 2008. Cory Baxter’s father Victor has been named presidential chef to the newly elected president. Living with his father in the staff quarters of the White House and attending an exclusive private school with the kids of Washington’s power elite is all new to Cory. With some schemes of his own, Cory must contend with the president’s precocious 8-year-old daughter, Sophie. As his amazing life in Washington begins, Cory has new friends in Meena, an ambassador’s daughter, and Newt, heir to a political dynasty, but a nemesis in Jason Stickler, son of the CIA chief. Stars Kyle Massey (Cory Baxter), Rondell Sheridan (Victor Baxter), Jason Dolley (Newt Livingston III), Madison Pettis (Sophie Martinez), Maiara Walsh (Meena Paroom), Jack Thomas (Jason Stickler), John D’Aquino (President Martinez), Lisa Arch (Samantha Stevens). Produced by It’s a Laugh Productions.