watch this week 6/30

5 Fantastic Things to Watch This Week

By Zach Johnson

What will you be watching this week? We plan to beat the heat this Tuesday, as National Geographic will present two specials centered on Mount Everest. Later in the week, Chris Harrison will make a tee-rific appearance on ABC’s Holey Moley II: The Sequel. We’ll round out the week with the premiere of the award-winning Broadway stage musical…

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Haunted Mansion graveyard

9 of the Spookiest Spots at Disney Parks

By D23 Team

With Halloween just around the corner, stories of haunted houses and creepy fun abound, especially throughout the worlds of Disney! Whether it’s Jack Skellington’s makeover of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World, or a Cars Land “Haul-O-ween” at Disney California…

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Sleeping Beauty Castle real vs Disney

7 Real-Life Locations that Inspired Disney Attractions

By Courtney Potter

We all have our favorite attractions and locations inside a Disney Park… whether it’s the grandeur of Sleeping Beauty Castle or the majesty (and excitement) of Expedition Everest, they often hold memories we return to again and again. And many of them are inspired by real-life locations around the globe!

Come with us on a (virtual) tour to…

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Disney parks dates

How to Have a Magical Valentine’s Day Date at a Disney Theme Park

By Jocelyn Buhlman

There’s no better way to spend Valentine’s Day than at a Disney theme park—and there are so many ways to enjoy that Disney magic. To help you plan that perfect day with your sweetheart, our love experts at D23 suggest these date ideas to take your Valentine to a whole new world!

Disney Foodie Feast
If you both have an appetite for…

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Peter Pan's shadow

Shadowing Disney: 10 Shadows for Groundhog’s Day

By Jim Fanning

Looking to see your shadow today? Or do you leave that to Punxsutawney Phil, the celebrated groundhog who retreats back to bed for six more weeks of winter if he sees his shadow but promises an early spring if he doesn’t. Shadows have been part of Disney animation almost from the start, for according to master animators and Disney Legends Frank Thomas…

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Matterhorn Bobsleds

6 One-Of-A-Kind Disney Coasters From Around the World

By Tyler Slater

Click click click… moment of silence and then… well, we all know what happens next. There are few experiences more thrilling than reaching the peak of a roller coaster. To celebrate National Roller Coaster Day, D23 is sharing fun facts and distinct details about attractions found at Disney Parks around the world. We know that Disney fans love…

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Expedition Everest

Excavate the Story of Expedition Everest

By Tyler Slater

Time flies when you’re careening forwards (and backwards) aboard Expedition Everest—Legend of the Forbidden Mountain at Walt Disney World Resort. D23 is taking fans on an exclusive excavation into the backstory of this E-ticket attraction.

The adventure begins in Asia at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, as guests join the Expedition Everest team…

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Thirteen Disney Park Sounds That Will Make You Scream

We’ve compiled 13 sounds from Disney parks that will have you going . . .
eek!!!, yeow!!!, and aghhhhhhh!!!
1. We think you’ll agree that the Haunted Mansion‘s bride, voiced by Disney Legend Leota Toombs, is the creepiest thing you’ll hear at a Disney park.

2. Haunted Mansion is chock full of eerie sounds… like this raven.

3. An eerie pirate,…

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