Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain

Can You Find These 7 Disneyland Numbers?

By Jocelyn Buhlman

You can always count on spotting some significant numbers throughout the worlds of Disney—we all know, for example, that the “23” in D23 is taken from the year 1923, when Walt Disney first arrived in Los Angeles and founded what is now The Walt Disney Company. The rich history of Disneyland has provided many an opportunity for these numerical namings, and we’ve gathered our favorites to share with you some Disneyland history that adds up to fun!

Star Tours

Flight 1401, Star Tours—The Adventures Continue
Star Tours flight 1401, you are cleared for departure!” The destinations and adventures change  every time you experience Star Tours—The Adventures Continue, but the flight number always remains the same. The number 1401 serves as a special shout-out to Walt Disney Imagineering: 1401 is the street address where Disney theme park magic is dreamed up!

Carthay Circle Restaurant

1901, Carthay Circle Restaurant
You may have heard of the exclusive Club 33, named for its address in New Orleans Square at Disneyland on 33 Royal Street. Did you know that Disney California Adventure also hosts a private club, located inside the Carthay Circle Theatre? 1901 ties into Disney California Adventure’s theme of celebrating Walt’s early life by taking its name from the year the master showman was born. The club itself is decorated with early pictures of Walt and Disney staff members and is described as the kind of place early Disney animators would have hung out in during their off hours.

Space Mountain

Space Station 77, Space Mountain
The iconic, intergalactic thrill ride Space Mountain originated at the Magic Kingdom in Florida, but the ride was so popular that its futuristic white dome now shines over Disneyland’s Tomorrowland as well. While the Magic Kingdom’s Space Mountain is referred to as “Starport Seven-Five,” in tribute to the year the attraction was installed in the park, Disneyland’s Space Mountain is called “Space Station 77,” after the year the classic “E-ticket” attraction blasted off on the west coast.

Haunted Mansion

Madame Leota’s spell book page 1313, Haunted Mansion
If Madame Leota’s spirit summoning doesn’t have you too entranced, take a peek at her spell book during her spectral séance. Looking closely, you may spy that the book is open to page 1313. While you may think the double thirteen was selected for its unlucky symbolism, the number actually has a much lighter meaning! 1313 frequently shows up on Haunted Mansion-related merchandise and art, referencing the street address of Disneyland park itself: 1313 Harbor Boulevard.

Spaceship DL 05, Space Mountain
Space Mountain may have first premiered at Disneyland in 1977, but it received a special refurbishment for Disneyland’s 50th anniversary in 2005 to take guests to new reaches of the galaxy. This special refurbishment is commemorated on the “spaceship” in the main queue, which is numbered DL 05, representing Disneyland 2005. Even though the “Happiest Homecoming on Earth” celebration is over, the memory of it still remains, even in the world of Tomorrow.

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

TL59 pipes, Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage
You already have a lot to find on Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage as you go on your underwater search for Nemo, but did you know that you can also make discoveries in the queue? Pipes running overhead of the attraction’s seaside queue feature printed numbers evoking an industrial aesthetic. But some of the numbers have a special meaning: “TL59” is printed along one of the pipes, referencing Tomorrowland 1959, the place and year the original attraction, Submarine Voyage, first debuted at Disneyland park.


Route 55, Autopia
Disneyland’s Autopia allows guests of all ages to enjoy the thrills of driving, and the roads you explore in your friendly ride vehicle offer all sorts of silly Easter eggs. Did you spot the “Mouse Crossing” sign? Can you find the reference to Mr. Toad’s Motormania? Some of the shoutouts are less obvious, however. When your car passes a sign for Route 55, you are passing a tribute to Disneyland park itself. Fifty-five is a significant number for Disneyland, as 1955 was the year Walt Disney’s groundbreaking theme park first opened to the public