Meet the Winning 3 Happy Haunts of This Year’s D23 Expo Design Challenge

by Karina Schink

This year’s D23 Expo Design Challenge celebrates the Haunted Mansion’s 50th anniversary. We welcomed all foolish mortals to enter the challenge, and 23 made it through to the final judging (and you’ll be able to view all of them at D23 Expo 2019!).

Now, please drag your cursor to the dead center of the page and scroll to see the three…

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hatbox ghost

The Infamous Hatbox Ghost

Imagineer and Disney Legend Yale Gracey poses with the infamous Hatbox Ghost at the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Park. Originally part of the show when the attraction opened in 1969, this spook was almost immediately given the hook when the illusion didn’t work properly. As part of the Disneyland Diamond Celebration, this reclusive resident again materialized at…

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rolly crump julie reihm walt disney

A Preview of the Haunted Mansion

Imagineer Rolly Crump gives fellow Disney Legend Julie Reihm and Walt Disney (as well as the millions watching Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color on television) a 1964 preview of art developed for the Haunted Mansion, which opened on August 9, 1969 at Disneyland Park.

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Toontown gag

5 Disney Parks Experiences that are a Truly Pun Ride

By Nicole Nalty

There’s so much to appreciate when it comes to a Disney Parks attraction––incredible technology, seamless storytelling, favorite characters that come to life before your eyes… but we’d like to take a moment, as self-proclaimed pun masters, to appreciate the whimsical wordsmithing that you’ll find during a visit to a Disney park. Whether…

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Haunted Mansion graveyard

9 of the Spookiest Spots at Disney Parks

By D23 Team

With Halloween just around the corner, stories of haunted houses and creepy fun abound, especially throughout the worlds of Disney! Whether it’s Jack Skellington’s makeover of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World, or a Cars Land “Haul-O-ween” at Disney California…

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Disney news

Spectacular New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer—Plus More in News Briefs

By Courtney Potter

Catch a glimpse of the next chapter in the Star Wars saga, and read up on the all-new soundtrack for Olaf’s Frozen Adventure… See more, along with other news from around Disney, in this week’s news briefs!

Stop Everything—The New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Just Landed!
Unless you want to remain spoiler-free—which is a noble…

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Lunch with a Brand-New Disney Legend: Wayne Jackson

By Tyler Slater

One of the most iconic moments from D23 Expo 2017 was the Disney Legends Awards Ceremony, celebrating a small group of very special individuals who were honored for their extraordinary contributions to the Disney legacy. At D23: The Official Disney Fan Club, we were thrilled to continue celebrating this momentous occasion by inviting one of the newly…

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Enchanted Tiki Room

9 Cool Ways to Beat the Heat at Disney Parks

By Courtney Potter

The “dog days of summer” are here—and while we love to have fun in the sun as much as the next person, there are times when we need to take a refreshing break. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of ways to stay cool inside Disney Parks. (In fact, our pals over at the Disney Parks Blog just posted their own rundown of ways to beat the…

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Wayne Jackson

Wayne Jackson

Wayne Jackson began his career as an Imagineer in October 1965, and in the decades that followed he would put his technical skill and know-how to great use in the development and installation of Disney attractions around the world.

Wayne was the first employee of MAPO—Walt Disney Imagineering’s manufacturing and production arm. Originally trained in aircraft…

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haunted Mansion

8 Disney Myths Every Disney Fan Needs to Know

By Jocelyn Buhlman

Did Walt design the Animation building to secretly be a hospital? And WHO is that mustachioed singing bust inside the Haunted Mansion? D23 investigated the most famous Disney myths and has the surprising truths every Disney fanatic should know.

MYTH: Walt Disney personally said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

While this…

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