Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

Celebrating 10 Years of Voyaging with Nemo

By D23 Team Since 2007, the eight bright-yellow submarines have floated proudly in the shimmering, aqua-blue water of the fabled Tomorrowland lagoon in Disneyland. Guests giggle with glee when they hear the sound of Audio-Animatronics® seagulls shouting “Mine! Mine!” from a nearby buoy, before they step down beneath the waterline into one of the vessels, grab …

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Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain

Can You Find These 7 Disneyland Numbers?

By Jocelyn Buhlman You can always count on spotting some significant numbers throughout the worlds of Disney—we all know, for example, that the “23” in D23 is taken from the year 1923, when Walt Disney first arrived in Los Angeles and founded what is now The Walt Disney Company. The rich history of Disneyland has …

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