Yin Yang Yo! (television)

Yin Yang Yo! (television) Animated series for Toon Disney and Jetix, premiering on September 4, 2006. Tween rabbits, Yin and Yang, must put aside their sibling rivalry to learn the lost martial art form “woo foo” from grumpy panda Master Yo, who was forced out of retirement to train and guide the brother and sister to help them save the world from comical evil doers such as Carl the Evil Cockroach Wizard. The mystical martial art enables brother and sister to power up and defeat enemies ten times stronger than themselves. Voices include Stephanie Morgenstern (Yin/Chung Pow Kitties), Scott McCord (Yang/Yuck), Martin Roach (Yo), Jamie Watson (Carl/Zarnot), David Hemblen (Night Master), Tony Daniels (Ultimoose/Kraggler), Linda Ballantyne (Saranoia), Jonathan Wilson (Dave/Coop). Produced by Walt Disney Television Animation.