My Favorite Martian (film)

My Favorite Martian (film) When a Martian’s spacecraft accidentally crashlands on Earth, ambitious television reporter Tim O’Hara visualizes his upcoming fame at breaking what he sees as the story of the century. The Martian takes human form and poses as Tim’s Uncle Martin. Hoping to repair his ship for a return to Mars, he systematically thwarts all of Tim’s attempts to divulge the truth. Eventually the two become friends and decide to work together to outwit scientists who have discovered the Martian’s existence. Released on February 12, 1999. Directed by Donald Petrie. Stars Jeff Daniels (Tim O’Hara), Christopher Lloyd (the Martian/Uncle Martin), Elizabeth Hurley (Brace Channing), Daryl Hannah (Lizzie), Wallace Shawn (Coleye Epstein). 93 min. Based on the 1963-66 television series that starred Ray Walston and Bill Bixby. Walston returned for a role (Armitan) in the new movie. Filming took place in Santa Barbara and other areas of Southern California. Released on video in 1999.