My Father the Hero (film)

My Father the Hero (film) A 14-year-old girl, Nicole, is not happy to be going on a vacation on a tropical island with her dad, André; she is angry at him for being away for so long, and mortified at the thought of spending two weeks with him amongst her peers. But then along comes Ben, a sexy young man whose good looks and charm spin Nicole into impetuous, adolescent love. Determined to impress her boyfriend, Nicole gets carried away with a scheme to attract his attention by appearing sophisticated and alluring. She fabricates an elaborate tale about her life, including the idea that André is really her lover and an international spy, masquerading as her father. Nicole sets in motion a comedy of errors and confusion that wreaks havoc on her budding romance as well as her father’s reputation. But Ben eventually does indeed find her more attractive than the indifferent, fickle girls he is used to. Released on February 4, 1994. Directed by Steve Miner. A Touchstone film, produced by Cité Films/Film par Film/D.D. Productions, in association with the Edward S. Feldman Company. 90 min. Stars Gérard Depardieu (André), Katherine Heigl (Nicole), Dalton James (Ben), Lauren Hutton (Megan), Faith Prince (Diana). Filmed at Ocean Club, Paradise Island Resort, Nassau, Bahamas.