Color The first Disney cartoon made in color was Flowers and Trees (1932). Walt Disney had the foresight to sign an exclusive two-year agreement with Technicolor for the use of their new three-color process in cartoons, so he received a terrific head start over the other cartoon producers in Hollywood. Disney then made every Silly Symphony in color, but for a time held off switching to color for the Mickey Mouse cartoons. The first Mickey Mouse cartoon in color was The Band Concert (1935) and soon all succeeding cartoons would be in color. Walt Disney made almost all of his television programs in color, which enabled them to be rebroadcast in color when he switched to color broadcasting in 1962. The few features that were made in black and white—The Shaggy Dog, The Absent-Minded Professor, Son of Flubber—had actually been planned for television, and the intricate special effects processes utilized were thought to be less obvious in black and white. The Absent-Minded Professor was the first black-and-white Disney feature to be colorized, in 1986.