Big Business (film)

Big Business (film) Two sets of twins, Rose and Sadie Shelton and Rose and Sadie Ratliff, are mixed up at birth. Years later the Sheltons are running a major corporation in New York, with Rose not caring for the corporate life, and the Ratliffs are living in a poor West Virginia town that relies on a local furniture company for its survival, with Sadie longing for the joys of the big city. When the Sheltons’ company tries to sell off the furniture company (and town), the Ratliffs go to New York to protest. It is a major case of mistaken identities as all four ladies end up staying at the Plaza Hotel, pursued by their respective beaus. Released on June 10, 1988. Directed by Jim Abrahams. A Touchstone film. 98 min. Stars Bette Midler (Sadie Shelton/Sadie Ratliff), Lily Tomlin (Rose Shelton/Rose Ratliff), Fred Ward (Roone Dimmick), Edward Herrmann (Graham Sherbourne). The Plaza Hotel’s lavish suites and distinctive lobby were re-created on a Disney sound stage, while exteriors and a scene in the Palm Court were filmed on location in New York. Released on video in 1989.