Marvel Cosplay - iris

Celebrate National Comic Book Day with Some Super Cosplay!

By Savannah Salazar

In honor of National Comic Book Day, celebrate the cosplayers that are popping off the page. Bringing to life the vibrant heroes from comic books and the silver screen, these super cosplays from D23 Expo are out of this world!

Marvel Cosplay 2
Look out for web-slinging royalty.
Marvel Cosplay 3
Shout-out to this group of SUPER heroes!
Marvel Cosplay 4
They are Groot.
Marvel Cosplay 5
These cosplayers went higher, further, faster!
Marvel Cosplay 6
Something is a little strange here…
Marvel Cosplay 7
A Super Duo.
Marvel Cosplay 8
Shuri, Forever!
Marvel Cosplay 9
Young Avengers, assemble!
Marvel Cosplay 10
Valkyrie or Hela? Choose your next words wisely…

Check out more super Marvel cosplay in the gallery below!