Baymax in Big Hero 6

Disney Characters’ Secret Super Hero Powers

When Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Big Hero 6 hits theaters this November, you’ll meet boy genius Hiro Hamada and the inflatable robot Baymax, who team up with a group of high-tech heroes to uncover a mystery when a devastating event befalls the city of San Fransokyo.

A Marvel Comic Inspires Disney Animation ►

And although they are not your average super heroes, some of the beloved characters from Disney animated features past have some super-secret, undercover heroic abilities. Before the action-packed comedy-adventure hits theaters on November 7, check out D23’s list of favorite Disney characters and the powers they would have if they were actual Super Heroes.

Rapunzel (Frying Pan Power)

Thor may have his hammer, but Rapunzel has her ultra-powerful frying pan… And this princess is not afraid to use it!

Tigger (Mega-Bounce)

He has fun, fun, fun, fun, fun and soars to new heights.

Cinderella (Super Cleaner)

This vision can clean up any mess in the nick of time.

Ariel (Live on Land and in Water)

This mermaid can be part of both worlds.

Pinocchio (Lie Detector)

His nose knows.

Peter Pan (Flying Ability)

Peter Pan
This one’s, well, obvious!

Alice (Elasticity)

This curious gal can grow to epic proportions.

Sleeping Beauty (Slumber Maven)

Sleeping Beauty
She can sleep through anything.

Mowgli (Communication Master)

He can talk to people and the animal world.

Hercules (Super-Human Strength)

This Greek demigod went from zero to hero… just like that!

Belle (Beast Tamer)

She comes in handy when up against fierce creatures.

Elsa (Cold and Ice Manipulation)

Do you want to build a snowman?