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Our Favorite Disney Characters Who Wore Scary Good Halloween Costumes

By Jocelyn Buhlman

We look to Disney films for a variety of reasons—whether we need some inspiration, a feel-good moment, or a dramatic song to belt out in the shower—but, have you ever considered consulting a Disney character for Halloween costume inspiration? No, we don’t mean donning a princess dress to channel Cinderella or trading your legs for a tail to…

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Which Disney pig are you?

Which Disney Pig Are You?

By Karina Schink

Happy Year of the Pig! Today marks the beginning of the new year, and we are so excited to celebrate what we’re sure will be a good one. While the party has already started at Disney California Adventure, we still have one burning question we need answered: Which Disney pig are you? Snout knowing is just not acceptable, so trot ahead and see which…

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Christopher Robin Premiere

Every Magical Moment from the Dedication of the Sherman Brothers Stage and Christopher Robin World Premiere

By Jocelyn Buhlman

On Monday, July 30, we bounced over to The Walt Disney Studios for a magical evening in celebration of Disney’s new film Christopher Robin. We had the honor of attending a special ceremony honoring Disney Legends Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman with a soundstage dedication, before we stepped out onto the red carpet for more fun with voice…

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Winnie the Pooh

Which Friend of Christopher Robin Are You?

By Karina Schink

The Hundred Acre Wood is filled with lots of lovable characters that we often find ourselves relating to. Do you think, think, think too much? Do you always find yourself giving advice to all of your friends? Or do you find yourself constantly craving a little something sweet? Well, this test will tell which one of Christopher Robin’s friends you…

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Winnie the Pooh shopDisney merchandise

9 Things Every Winnie the Pooh Fan Needs to Own

By Karina Schink

Ever since he made his debut in 1966, we haven’t been able to get enough of the always cute and cuddly Winnie the Pooh and the Hundred Acre Wood gang. And this year, we get to go on another adventure when Christopher Robin hits theaters on August 3. We can’t wait to say hello again to our favorite forest-y friends, but in the meantime, we can…

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mickey and minnie

Re-Live These Ho-Ho-Home Video Classics from Disney Christmases Past

By Beth Deitchman

Many Christmases ago—before the days of DisneyNOW… before the days of Movies Anywhere… even before the days of D23—Disney fans had a very different way of experiencing holiday specials on the small screen. Sure, we could watch them any time—after we sat through the rewinding process, if we were watching on VHS—but we couldn’t watch…

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Lady and the Tramp, Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, and Bambi

Get to Know the Animators Behind Your Favorite Disney Films

Celebrate some of the most legendary artists behind classic Disney animated films with this year’s D23 Member Gift.

By Greg Ehrbar

The first “nine old men” were Supreme Court justices—all more than 90 years old—who were trying to block President Franklin Roosevelt’s “New Deal” in the mid-1930s. When Walt Disney selected his first-string…

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“Winnie the Pooh: Be My Friend” exhibition

Winnie the Pooh and Friends Visit Hong Kong

By Courtney Potter

He’s friendly, kind, and all stuffed with fluff—and he’s brought his pals to Hong Kong for a very special visit! The “best bear in all the world,” Winnie the Pooh, has spent the last few years traveling the globe… and now, he’s making lots of new friends during the “Winnie the Pooh: Be My Friend” exhibition—now on display (and…

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Disney location postcards

5 Dream Disney Spots for Spring Break

By D23 Team

The spring season is newly in bloom and that means it’s almost time for spring break!

Here at D23 we’re dreaming up spring break locales with a little extra pixie dust––download your favorite (below) and share your dream Disney destination with a friend.

Motunui, Moana
Exploring Motunui with our favorite wayfinder is our idea of…

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