Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior (television)

Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior (television) Disney Channel original movie, premiering on June 16, 2006. Wendy Wu, a popular Chinese-American teen is asked to choose between thwarting evil as a reincarnated warrior and running for high school Homecoming Queen. Saving the world cannot compete with her lifelong dream of holding court with her “perfect” boyfriend at her side, but her thousand-year-old destiny proves difficult to resist. A tenacious young monk enlists the help of Wendy’s grandmother to convince her to embrace her ancient birthright and face off with the malevolent spirit that only she can conquer. In the process, she learns to value her Chinese heritage. Directed by John Laing. Stars Brenda Song (Wendy Wu), Shin Koyamada (Shen), Tsai Chin (Grandma). Produced by Rubicon Films Ltd.