Five Mile Creek (television)

Five Mile Creek (television) Series on The Disney Channel, based on a book by Louis L’Amour. An isolated coach stop run by two women on a stage line between the harbor town of Port Nelson and the mining camp of Wilga in Australia at the time of the 1860s gold rush is the setting for this adventure series. Debuted on November 4, 1983, and continued, with repeats, until June 14, 1987. Stars Louise Caire Clark, Rod Mullinar, Jay Kerr, Liz Burch, Michael Caton, Priscilla Weems. Filmed on location 40 miles north of Sydney, Australia. 39 episodes. The pilot for Five Mile Creek aired on the Disney CBS series on November 28, 1981, as The Cherokee Trail. That film was set at Cherokee Station, in the heart of the Colorado wilderness. When producer Doug Netter got the go-ahead for a series, he transplanted the locale to Australia. Over 500 hours of in-depth research insured accuracy in all phases of the production, from the choice of locations to the construction of the stagecoaches and sets, to the dialogue of the characters.