Ed Wood (film)

Ed Wood (film) Edward D. Wood, Jr., an eccentric actor/writer/director, has only one thing going for him—an optimistic spirit that remains indomitable despite his obviously misguided career choices. Wood tries to make it in Hollywood, but earns the reputation of the “worst director of all time.” He has a fetish for wearing women’s clothes, and he gathers around him a bizarre band of characters, including the down-and-out screen legend Bela Lugosi, television horror queen Vampira, hulking Swedish wrestler Tor Johnson, psychic Criswell, and highbrow transvestite Bunny Breckinridge. Wood creates ineptly made, off-beat, low-budget independent films that somehow turn out to be cultish classics and turn their director into a legend. Limited release in Los Angeles and New York on September 28, 1994; general release on October 7, 1994. Directed by Tim Burton. A Touchstone film. Stars Johnny Depp (Ed Wood), Martin Landau (Bela Lugosi), Sarah Jessica Parker (Dolores Fuller), Patricia Arquette (Kathy O’Hara), Jeffrey Jones (Criswell), Bill Murray (Bunny Breckenridge). Based on a true story. Filmed in Los Angeles and its environs in black and white. 127 min. Martin Landau received an Academy Award for Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Bela Lugosi, and the film also won one for Makeup.