Team Iron Man and Team Cap

Team Cap and Team Iron Man Draw Their Battle Lines

The battle lines have been drawn, and this Friday, May 6, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes choose a side: Team Cap or Team Iron Man. It’s a grudge match for the ages as the Avengers wrestle with whether to submit to government oversight or go it alone. Captain America’s team sees danger in the government’s meddling, whereas Iron Man’s team is more agreeable to it. Avenger against Avenger. Friend against friend. Everyone has his or her reasons. Here’s a team roster to help you choose which side you’re on.


Captain America

Captain America (Chris Evans): Perhaps the most loyal and patriotic of all the Avengers, Steve Rogers/Captain America is torn when his friend, Bucky Barnes, is hunted down by the United States government for heinous crimes that he may or may not have committed. Steve believes the best in people, especially Bucky, and he’s not going down without a fight.

Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan): As the Winter Soldier, Bucky did bad things. Real bad. But can he be held responsible for crimes committed while his mind was under the control of someone else? After decades as a brainwashed assassin, reclaiming his life is his No. 1 priority.


Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner): Last we saw Hawkeye, he retired to a wife, kids and a little house in the country. Ah, the good life! But he can’t stay out of this fight—his friends are about to go to war, and he must choose a side. He chooses Cap, even though his longtime friend Black Widow goes with Iron Man.


Falcon (Anthony Mackie): As one of the newest Avengers, Sam Wilson’s Falcon is loyal to Steve Rogers, having fought beside him in the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Being loyal to Bucky, though, might be another story altogether. Sam believes that Captain America has the best intentions, but he wants to make sure that Cap’s brotherly concern for Bucky isn’t clouding his decisions.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlett Witch (Elizabeth Olsen): After the carnage of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Wanda is troubled by the blame that is falling on the heads of the Avengers. She’s even more troubled, though, by the collateral damage her emerging powers are having on innocent victims. But when an accident puts her in the crosshairs of the global superhero restrictions being championed by Iron Man, she joins Team Cap. What other options does she have?


Ant Man (Paul Rudd): Scott Lang is like a kid at Disneyland—meeting his favorite super-heroes is the coolest thing ever. He’s almost giddy at the idea of joining their team. But remember: He’s an outlaw at heart, so accepting government control is not his first instinct. He joins Captain America (his hero!) because he thinks it’s cool—he has no idea, though, how far this decision will ultimately push him, or his super abilities.


Iron Man

Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr): As the founding member of the Avengers, Tony Stark has seen perhaps more damage and injury to innocent bystanders than most. His involvement and disillusionment with the weapons industry already affected his moral compass, but the battles of New York and Ultron—a villain he unwittingly unleashed on the world—have left him reeling with guilt. Something has to be done, and partnering with the governments of the world seems, to Tony, to be the best course of action.

Black Widow

Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson): It’s never good to be on the opposing side of the Black Widow. Raised as an assassin, then used by the KGB, Natasha Romanoff has definite trust issues, which is why joining Iron Man’s cause is such a struggle for her. It’s not all cut-and-dry for her, though, especially since it pits her against two people she loves and trusts deeply—Captain America and Hawkeye.

War Machine

War Machine (Don Cheadle): “Rhodey” Rhodes isn’t just another team-member; he’s the oldest and best friend of Tony Stark. He’s also an officer in the Air Force, so “going rogue” against the government is just not in his makeup. But following Tony into this battle may be more than he bargained for. Rhodey is in this battle for the cause; he’s afraid Tony, though, may have more personal motivations.

Black Panther

Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman): T’challa is the Prince of Wakanda, and he’s out for revenge against the Winter Soldier. As the Black Panther, he’s fearsome, lethal and relentless in his quest to deliver vengeance on the person who committed a terrible crime against his family. He blames Bucky, which puts him at odds with Team Cap. This doesn’t necessarily make him loyal to the cause of Team Iron Man, but you know what they say, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” At least for now.


Vision (Paul Bettany): The Vision isn’t encumbered with revenge and emotion the same way the others are. He considers all the options and his logical synthesized mind decides that Tony is right—the best way to prevent out-of-control super-heroes is to make them answerable to a multi-government authority. To him, it’s not personal—it just makes sense.


Spider-Man (Tom Holland): Is he really old enough to make adult decisions on this matter? Maybe not, but a visit from Tony Stark convinces the web-slinger to take up arms against Captain America. The problem, though, is that Peter Parker idolizes Captain America and all the Avengers, which means he’s fighting to take down those people he most wants to be like.