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JUST ANNOUNCED: The Walt Disney Studios Announces New Dates for Upcoming Films

By the D23 Team

We have exciting news to share from our friends at The Walt Disney Studios! Following the announcement in March that several titles would be delayed due to the global health crisis, The Walt Disney Studios today shared new dates for Disney’s Mulan, Marvel Studios’ Black Widow, and more. Additionally, we’ve just found out that Disney’s Artemis…

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Mulan premiere

The World Premiere of Mulan Celebrates a Timeless Tale

By Zach Johnson

China’s greatest warrior brought honor to us all Monday at the world premiere of Mulan. All eyes were on Yifei Liu, who stars as Hua Mulan in the live-action adventure from The Walt Disney Studios, as she arrived on the red carpet at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. The Chinese actress was joined by director Niki Caro, co-stars Jet Li and Donnie…

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Meet Mulan’s New Nemesis

By Bruce C. Steele
In Disney’s new Mulan, Böri Khan may not be quite the hulking villain that Shan-Yu was in the 1998 animated classic, but actor Jason Scott Lee wants to make sure you know: “He’s a cold-hearted warrior.”
With a fiercely scarred face, black leather clothing worthy of the meanest biker, and a shape-shifting witch as his ally, Khan leads the…

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Mulan Rides Again

<!– The Unexpected Mulan Cast Members Bringing Action to the Big Screen –>By Bruce C. Steele

Nothing sets the new live-action Mulan apart from Disney’s classic 1998 animated feature quite like the sight of dozens of horses in action during the filming of a battle scene. Animated horses require just pen and ink, with perhaps a CG assist, but real horses need…

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D23 2020 Events

D23’s Lineup of Events for 2020

In 2020, D23: The Official Disney Fan Club is bringing back many of its most popular events, adding incredible new experiences, and putting new twists on favorites for fans around the country to enjoy.
Check out our 10 helpful tips for D23 events.

Event calendar:


Jan 8
D23 Gold Member Mixer in Kapolei,…

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bts studio event recap

D23 Members Experience Movie Magic at the Walt Disney Studios

By Alex Williams

On Thursday, November 14, a small group of D23 Members were immersed in movie magic as part of D23 Behind-the-Scenes: A Day on the Walt Disney Studios lot! The second such event of the year, this limited experience explored areas that showcased the Studio’s illustrious history as well as the inner-workings…

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Indiana Jones Event Recap- iris

D23 Members Sought Fortune and Glory at Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Screenings in Burbank and Orlando

By Jocelyn Buhlman and Justin Arthur

There are few times in a Disney fan’s life where a fedora is the required dress code: fancy dress days at Disney parks, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? cosplay at conventions, and Indiana Jones movie screenings. Over the past week at Walt Disney World and on The Walt Disney Studios lot, our screenings of Indiana Jones and the Temple…

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