Walt and the Great Comic Book Controversy

The best-selling magazine on newsstands in 1953 was not Time or Newsweek or The Saturday Evening Post—it was Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories.

Though Walt had little to do with this funnybook—widely considered the top-selling comic book series in history—he took pride in its excellence and the quality of all the Disney comics. In April 1954, when the…

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Walt on postage stamp

A First-Class Honor

There have been a whole series of Disney U.S. postage stamps recently, but the earliest Disney stamp was the commemorative issue honoring Walt himself in September 1968, less than two years after the great showman’s passing.

The norm had been to so honor individuals (except U.S. Presidents) who were dead for a significant time (it’s varied from five to 10…

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Walt Disney on a lawn mower

The Case of the Missing Mustache

Walt Disney’s mustache was as distinctive a part of his look as round ears are for Mickey Mouse.

His toothbrush mustache became a permanent visage trademark starting in April 1925, when he first grew it on a bet. So it’s all the more surprising to see a photo of Walt without whiskers, such as this informal early-1940s shot of the impresario manning a rider mower…

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South American Artists Shine in Scrapbook from Walt Disney’s Offices

One of the true treasure troves of the Walt Disney Archives collection is the cache of materials that was originally housed in Walt Disney’s office suite, found in the 3H wing of the Disney Studio’s original Animation building on the Burbank studio lot. The cataloguing of this collection by Disney Legend and Walt Disney Archives Chief Archivist Emeritus Dave Smith…

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Concept art for proposed Disneyland in Burbank

Walt Disney’s Proposed Theme Park in Burbank

Years before Disneyland opened, Walt Disney and his staff considered building an amusement enterprise right across the street from their Burbank studio.

Long-time Disney fans will likely know the story about how, in 1951, Walt Disney approached artist Harper Goff to create some illustrations for a potential amusement enterprise (what we know today as a “theme…

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Walt Disney on Disneyland Railroad

Walt Through the Years

During a 43-year Hollywood career, which spanned the development of the motion picture medium as a modern American art, Walter Elias Disney, a modern Aesop, established himself and his product as a genuine part of Americana. Enjoy this gallery of Walt through the years.

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The Fairy Tales Walt Disney Produced in Kansas City

Before the Alice Comedies, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney produced one-minute shorts, known as the Newman Laugh‑O‑grams, for the local Newman cinema chain in Kansas City. He then went on to open his first animation studio and create a series of six modernized fairy-tale shorts, known as the Laugh‑O‑grams.
“I started, actually, to make…

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Storytellers Statue

The Original Storytellers

The statue features a young Walt Disney in a fedora and traveling attire­—just off the train from Missouri and ready to realize his dreams. With him is his pal, Mickey Mouse, standing atop the trunk containing Walt’s belongings.

Unlike the Partners statue at Disneyland park, which sits on a pedestal, the Storytellers statue will be at eye level, reminding cast…

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Walt Disney with Epcot

A World of Tomorrow: Inside Walt’s Last Dream

A decade on, there’s still debate about when exactly the 21st century began. For Disney fans, that pivotal moment didn’t come at the stroke of midnight in 2000, or even a year later. At the heart of Walt Disney World, under the warmth of an autumn Florida sun and amid spectacular pageantry and color, the dawn of the new millennium arrived nearly 20 years earlier than…

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