Donald Duck

Resolutions Disney Characters Might Consider Making for 2016

Happy New Year from D23!
We’ve enjoyed learning about D23 Members’ New Year’s Resolutions, some of which are pretty ambitious and inspiring! That got us thinking about some of our favorite Disney characters, and we couldn’t help but ponder some resolutions they might consider making in 2016.

Donald Duck—Take anger management classes. Donald can always be…

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101 Dalmatians

(Approximately) 101 Reasons Why I Love One Hundred and One Dalmatians!

Follow my lead and you’ll sniff out the reasons I think this classic Disney film is spot-on.
A self-professed dog lover, Walt Disney naturally came up with a doggoned good film when making a movie all about his beloved mutts. On more than one occasion, Walt appeared on his TV show with a canine co-star, and on the February 12, 1961 installment of his Walt Disney…

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The spots of 101 Dalmatians

Painting of Spots Huge Job in Producing Disney’s Dalmatians

The spots belong only to the dog.
Those on the man, Roger Radcliff, are from the pen of a dognapper hurled at him in this scene from Walt Disney’s feature-length cartoon comedy, 101 Dalmatians. Adapted from the Dodie Smith novel, this is the hilarious story of an ultra villainous woman who steals Dalmatians for the wonderful fur coats they will make. The color by…

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