Disney babies

Disney Babies

It seems like just yesterday that we were watching Hercules “go the distance,” Dumbo flying, and Lady kiss Tramp on their first date… but let’s throw it way back to when these characters were newborns.

We’ve scoured the Disney vaults to find some of our favorites to grace the big screen… in baby form.

Sniff, sniff… They grow up so fast, don’t they?


Hercules and Pegasus

Best buds since birth: baby Pegasus and Hercules

Rapunzel in Tangled

Our favorite bright-eyed baby: baby Rapunzel

Live Action Dumbo

Who said big ears weren’t cute? Baby Dumbo

Live Action Lion King

The baby that brought the entire animal kingdom together: baby Simba


He’ll be in our hearts, always: baby Tarzan

His cuteness makes our knees grow weak, too! Baby Bambi

Prettiest pup you’ll ever see: baby Lady

 The Emperor's New Groove

Arrogance knows no age: baby Kuzco

Fox and the Hound

Friends through thick and thin: baby Tod/baby Copper

Muppet Babies

Who knew babies could have such great senses of humor? Muppet Babies


She’s so adorable, even Monsters wanted to love her: Boo


Don’t judge a superhero by his size: Jack-Jack