Shanghai Disneyland Resort

D23’s Ultimate Countdown to Shanghai Disney Resort: Wishing Star Park

By Tyler Slater

In celebration of Earth Day, D23’s Ultimate Countdown to Shanghai Disney Resort continues with an inside look at Wishing Star Park—the perfect tranquil escape where you can embrace nature. Located along the shoreline of a glimmering body of water, Wishing Star Park is approximately 40 hectares, the size of 56 football fields, and includes a 1.5-mile walking path, various beautiful gardens, a wondrous playground, and an inspiring amphitheater.

As guests explore the park’s woodlands, they will have the chance to admire the gardens that combine both Chinese and Western rose natives and cultivars. Families can also marvel at a colorful area that a mix of tile birds and butterflies call home. Not to mention, the majestic Wishing Star Lake is the perfect destination for spectacular sunsets.

Families can let their little ones run and play at Dragonfly Playground—where imaginations may wander freely into a world of wonders. This playground offers fun-filled activities designed especially for children with adventurous hearts and growing minds.

Once the sun sets, fans can watch the night sky unfold as Disney inspires the imaginations of kids of all ages at the Starlight Amphitheater. With nearly 900 seats available, this beautiful amphitheater provides a natural ambiance for any special event.

Be sure to check back next week at we continue the ultimate countdown to the grand opening of the Shanghai Disney Resort June 16!

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