Q: I saw an old film that I am trying to find the name of. The plot: A man writes a children’s book, and his wife suggests that he go and meet with Mr. Disney to sell it. He reluctantly agrees to go to what looks like the Disney studios in California in the 1960’s. He gets to the gate and is let in, and while pages try to get him to Mr. Disney’s office, he stumbles through the different buildings at the studio. He sees how animated cells are painted, how sound affects are done, how the multi-layer camera works. I didn't see the end of the movie, so I don't know if he ever met Walt.
Steve, Ithaca, New York
A: The motion picture you cite is The Reluctant Dragon (1941). Robert Benchley is the actor bringing the book to the Studio, and he does indeed meet Walt at the end of the film, only to find that Disney has already made a film of the story. The cartoon segment about the dragon was also released separately as a short, with the same title.