Q: I would love to know more about Larry Groce and the history of Disney’s Christmas albums. Hearing Groce’s voice on various records, 8-tracks, cassette tapes, and, later, CDs was a big part of my childhood and one of my chief Disney memories. I was aware at the time that these recordings were repackaged and re-released multiple times and predated my childhood. When were the original recordings done?
Matt, Hudson, North Carolina
A: Larry Groce was a singer and songwriter with a folksy style, who worked on many recordings for Disneyland Records. His first Disney recording, in 1976, was the single “Winnie the Pooh for President.” Some of his albums were Disney’s Christmas Favorites (1979), Disney’s Children’s Favorites (1979), Disney’s Merry Christmas Carols (1980), Pardners (1980), Goin’ Quackers (1980), and The Disney Family Christmas Album (1981). Groce was known for recording each song in one take. He is still living.