Walt Disney's Dreamfinder and Figment
Q: I had heard that sometime in the 1980s, The Disney Channel was going to produce a television show starring Dreamfinder from the Journey Into Imagination attraction at EPCOT. Did such a show exist?
Matt, Austin, Texas
A: The show, to be called Dreamfinders, was planned for Disney Channel and announced in the first issue of The Disney Channel Magazine, but no shows were ever completed. The show would have featured a cast of children in a “real world” setting, confronted with a perplexing dilemma. Then Dreamfinder would whisk them away on a magic journey to “The Realm of Imagination.” There, free of all worldly constraints, the children would use their ideas and dreams to find a creative solution to their problem. The show would have been an hour long, with a new [episode] each week.
Dave Smith