Q: I contacted Disney World with a question, and they suggested I asked you instead. I live in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our city has an old history of trams, and I’ve heard that in 1992, 18 Gothenburg trams (In Gothenburg called “M25” trams) were sold to Disney World, Florida. I am not sure if this is true, but as the story goes, the trams were taken apart before they were shipped, and a lot of them were never shipped at all. From what I've heard, only one tram (No. 618) was delivered without any parts removed. My question is: Do you know what happened to this tram, or any of the other trams?
Albin, Gothenburg, Sweden
A: I am unaware of any Gothenburg trams being purchased by Walt Disney World. There are no similar trams in operation anywhere at the Resort.