Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (film)

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (film) Professor Wayne Szalinski is trying to perfect an electro-magnetic shrinking machine, but everyone thinks he is a crackpot. When Szalinski’s two kids, Amy and Nick, along with neighbor kids, Ron and Little Russ Thompson, are accidentally zapped by the machine, they find themselves 1/4-inch high. The professor unknowingly sweeps them up and throws them out with the trash, and they find it necessary to complete a major trek across the backyard, now a teeming jungle to them. As their parents search for them, the tiny kids face seemingly insurmountable obstacles and unexpected terrors as they make their way toward the house and hoped for restoration by the machine. Released on June 23, 1989. Directed by Joe Johnston. 93 min. Stars Rick Moranis (Wayne Szalinski), Matt Frewer (Big Russ Thompson), Marcia Strassman (Diane Szalinski), Kristine Sutherland (Mae Thompson), Amy O’Neill (Amy), Robert Oliveri (Nick), Thomas Brown (Little Russ), Jared Rushton (Ron). Filmed at Churubusco Studio in Mexico City. Released on video in 1990.