Fire Birds (film)

Fire Birds (film) Jake Preston and Billie Lee Guthrie are pilots in an elite Army helicopter task force, flying the high-tech Apache helicopter, the Army’s most advanced flying fighting machine. Just how far the choppers and their crew can go is put to the test when the Apache task force is assigned to complete a secret mission in Latin America. Infiltrating hostile territory to do combat with an international enemy, the seemingly fearless flyers soon discover they are fighting a desperate war both on the ground and in the sky. Released on May 25, 1990. Directed by David Green. A Touchstone film. 86 min. Stars Nicolas Cage (Jake Preston), Tommy Lee Jones (Brad Little), Sean Young (Billie Lee Guthrie), Bryan Kestner (Breaker). Featured the Apache helicopter, also known as the AH-64A, a $10 million high-tech attack helicopter with a 1700-horsepower engine. Filmed on location in Texas and Arizona. Released on video in 1990.