Fire Called Jeremiah, A (television)

Fire Called Jeremiah, A (television) Television show; aired on December 3, 1961. Produced by James Algar. This is the story of the “smoke jumpers,” specially trained by the Forest Service to reach forest fires when they are in the inaccessible areas of our National Forests. Scanning their assigned areas from patrolling planes and lookout towers they are able to set in motion the operation that converges on the hot spots before they grow into disastrous fire storms that destroy vital watersheds. In one such incident, a small blaze spotted from a fire lookout tower grows ominously and soon turns into a conflagration. The fire changes course and threatens the fire tower itself, and the female lookout has to be rescued by helicopter. Stars (all playing themselves) Cliff Blake, Carole Stockner, Roy Carpenter. Released theatrically abroad.