Toontown gag

5 Disney Parks Experiences that are a Truly Pun Ride

By Nicole Nalty

There’s so much to appreciate when it comes to a Disney Parks attraction––incredible technology, seamless storytelling, favorite characters that come to life before your eyes… but we’d like to take a moment, as self-proclaimed pun masters, to appreciate the whimsical wordsmithing that you’ll find during a visit to a Disney park. Whether through narration, written word, or via Jungle Cruise Skipper, there are puns aplenty—and we’re sharing some of our favorites, below. Let us know on Facebook and Twitter if we missed any of your favorites.

Haunted Mansion tomb stones

1. Haunted Mansion
This spook-tacular attraction is a bona fide pun playground from the second you drag your bodies into the dead center of the room––even before you board your Doombuggy! In Magic Kingdom’s happy haunt, you’re treated to a library of ghost writers, and over in Disneyland, you pass by tombstones with monikers like I. Trudy Departed, I.L. Beback, and M.T. Tomb.

Jungle Cruise elephants

2. Jungle Cruise
If you’ve journeyed aboard the Jungle Cruise, you might have taken a cruise through de Nile river (unless you’re in denial, of course), but the next time your Jungle Cruise skipper stops to take in the rockwork along the river, don’t take it for granite. And beware of a small, sneezy elephant (or a hippo over in Magic Kingdom’s jungle)––you may think it’s water but… it’snot.

Toontown gag

3. Mickey’s Toontown
Puns are out to play all through the land at Disneyland park, but our favorite has to be the official seal of Mickey’s Toontown, pointed out by our friends at the Disney Parks Blog.

Country Bear Jamboree

4. Country Bear Jamboree
With knee-slapping music and singing bears, you’re already in fur a good time at Magic Kingdom’s Country Bear Jamboree, but these experienced entertainers are known to throw in a pun or two… they’ll sure appreciate you bearing with them!

Sonny Eclipse

5. Sonny Eclipse at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café
Stop into Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café at Magic Kingdom for some good eats and the sweet sounds of the restaurant’s resident performer, Sonny Eclipse, whose ready to share the “Sonny side” of entertainment from Yew Nork City! With a name like Sonny Eclipse, he was destined to be a pun professional.