Photo of the Opening of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland

Before Hinges Creaked In Doorless Chambers

This early script, written by Francis Xavier Atencio, also known as X Atencio, for the Haunted Mansion might sound familiar, but its Ghost Host had a slightly different spiel. In its 18 years of on-and-off development, Disneyland’s classic Haunted Mansion featured a slew of different concepts and plotlines.

From murderous sea captains to happy haunts celebrating a ghastly birthday party,

a number of stories were proposed. By the time that Imagineer X Atencio forwarded this draft to Imagineering executive Dick Irvine, though, the attraction was starting to approach its final form. Dated July 19, 1968, the script presents a different “Ghost Host” introduction for the Mansion’s foyer, intended to be delivered by a speaking bust.