photo of entrance gate and bronze sign for Haunted Mansion at Disneyland

Thirteen Fun Facts About The Haunted Mansion

Because it’s one of Disney’s most beloved attractions, it’s only (super) natural that

everyone has their favorite story about The Haunted Mansion.

Here are 13 fun facts:

photo of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion at night looking creepy

1. The Haunted Mansion is the only attraction located in four different lands in four different Disney Parks: New Orleans Square at Disneyland; Liberty Square at Walt Disney World; Fantasyland at Tokyo Disneyland; and Frontierland at Disneyland Paris.

photo of Eddie Murphy looking at woman's face apparition in a crystal ball in photo of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion attaction

2. Eddie Murphy had been looking to do a ghostly comedy in the vein of Bob Hope and Abbott and Costello when he learned about Disney’s Haunted Mansion film and asked to see the script.

artist's painted rendering by Imagineer and Disney Legend Claude Coats of proposed water ride version of Haunted Mansion, showing meowing cats gathered around four ghostly musicians at the edge of a swamp with frogs, owls, a wolf and a vulture all singing along

3. Imagineer and Disney Legend Claude Coats briefly developed a water ride version of The Haunted Mansion in which guests would float through the ruins of an old plantation house partially submerged in a Louisiana bayou.

painting of ghostly Caretaker character envisioned in early plans for the Haunted Mansion attraction

4. A “live” Caretaker character was featured in almost every draft of the Haunted Mansion film script, but was ultimately cut in favor of a ghostly cameo appearance in the graveyard, complete with cowardly canine companion.

photo of crypt and  Audio-Animatronics® raven in Haunted Mansion attraction

5. Imagineers produced the Audio-Animatronics® figures, props and set pieces for both the Disneyland and Walt Disney World versions of The Haunted Mansion at the same time, knowing that the Florida attraction would open less than two years after its Anaheim predecessor.

charcoal and paper sketch of Haunted Mansion

6. The Disneyland Haunted Mansion was largely inspired by the Shipley-Lydecker House in Baltimore, Maryland, pictured in Decorative Art of Victoria’s Era, a book found in the Walt Disney Imagineering Information Research Center in Glendale, California.

photo of four singing busts designed by Rick Baker originally for the Haunted Mansion film

7. Legendary creature designer Rick Baker originally modeled the Haunted Mansion film’s singing busts after Marc Davis, Thurl Ravenscroft, Blaine Gibson, Paul Frees and even Walt Disney himself! Only the Frees and Ravenscroft busts made it into the film.

photo of Paul Frees, voice of the Haunted Mansion's Ghost Host, with a drawing of Ludwig Von Drake, for whom he also provided voice

8. Paul Frees, voice of the Ghost Host, also provided voices for Ludwig Von Drake, Boris Badenov, the Pillsbury Doughboy and many of the Pirates of the Caribbean, including the infamous Auctioneer.

photo of Haunted Mansion as it appered in the film

9. Early drafts of the Haunted Mansion film script were set in upstate New York, with a manor house inspired by the Walt Disney World attraction. Director Rob Minkoff and production John Myhre felt the movie should feature a mansion inspired by the Disneyland original, and moved the otherworldly action to New Orleans.

photo of Imagineer Leota Toombs, Madame Leota's face and namesake from the Haunted Mansion attraction, with busts from an assortment of characters from Disneyland attractions including Pirates of the Caribbean

10. Imagineer Leota Toombs, Madame Leota’s face and namesake, rehearsed her incantations on the night of daughter and future Imagineer Kim Irvine’s school dance, prompting Kim’s surprised date to ask, “Wow, what’s up with your mom??”

photo of a ghostly apparition in the form of a ill-fated bride

11. An ill-fated bride was featured in almost every proposed version of the Disneyland Haunted Mansion, dating back to Imagineer Ken Anderson‘s very first creative treatment in 1957.

black and white photo of Francis Xavier Atencio, also known as X Atencio, is a former animator and Imagineer for The Walt Disney Company, seated sketching Winnie the Pooh

12. X Atencio’s tongue-in-cheek epitaph eulogizing “Master Gracey” — a nod to Imagineer and master of illusion Yale Gracey — has led both fans and Cast Members to consider him the true — if unofficial — lord of the manor. The Haunted Mansion movie crew decided to honor the tradition and dub the master of their house “Gracey,” too.

photo of several framed portraits of ghouls on wall featuring eyes designed by "Museum of the Weird" creator Rolly Crump and Claude Coats

13. The Haunted Mansion‘s infamous “eye wallpaper,” long credited to Imagineer Marc Davis, was actually a collaboration between “Museum of the Weird” creator Rolly Crump and Claude Coats.