Walt on postage stamp

A First-Class Honor

There have been a whole series of Disney U.S. postage stamps recently, but the earliest Disney stamp was the commemorative issue honoring Walt himself in September 1968, less than two years after the great showman’s passing.

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South American Artists Shine in Scrapbook from Walt Disney’s Offices

During the 1941 “Good Neighbor” trip Walt and his artists took to South America, the clan known as “El Grupo” received many a gift from the enchanted people they studied and learned from—Walt especially. One of the gifts Walt received during the trip was a scrapbook filled with original art from some of South America’s then-premier artists.

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Walt Disney on Disneyland Railroad

Walt Through the Years

During a 43-year Hollywood career, which spanned the development of the motion picture medium as a modern American art, Walter Elias Disney, a modern Aesop, established himself and his product as a genuine part of Americana.

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The Fairy Tales Walt Disney Produced in Kansas City

Before the Alice Comedies, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney produced one-minute shorts, known as the Newman Laugh-O-grams, for the local Newman cinema chain in Kansas City—a series of six modernized fairy-tale shorts, known as the Laugh-O-grams.

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