Walt Disney Christmas card

An Early Christmas Card from Walt to his Mother

Although young Walter Elias Disney couldn’t afford to purchase elaborate Christmas gifts for his family, the aspiring artist was able to share an even more special and personal holiday gift: his own artwork. This Christmas drawing to Flora Disney, featuring young Walter’s style and humor, became a piece she treasured and kept safely in the …

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Walt Disney with a Christmas tree

Five Moments from Walt’s Most Memorable Christmas

Walt Disney had many memorable Christmases—from the year he gave his wife, Lillian, a Springer Spaniel in a hatbox, to the year he surprised his daughters, Diane and Sharon, with a beautiful backyard playhouse. But when asked in 1957 of his most memorable Christmas, Walt thought back to his days as a paperboy, when he …

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photo of Walt and Lillian Disney cutting dedication ribbon at Disneyland

Disney’s Unforgettable Ribbon Cuttings

Over the years, any number of rides, shows, and celebrations have kicked off their debuts with a pair of oversized scissors and the participation of Disney characters and celebrities—or even Walt himself!

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To See or Not to See?

The animal-loving host of Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color introduced “Atta Girl, Kelly,” a three-part episode from March 1967, with the help of a Seeing Eye Dog.

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