the vanishing prairie

Revisiting Walt Disney’s True-Life Adventures: The Vanishing Prairie

By Dave Smith In helping to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Walt Disney Archives, the Archives staff wanted to dig deep into their vaults to share an enlightening historical article with Disney fans. The following is an essay that Disney Legend, and Walt Disney Archives founder, Dave Smith wrote for a screening series hosted by …

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Seal Island

Walt’s First True-Life Adventure Began with an Unlikely Question

By Beth Deitchman “How about seals?” This was the wire sent to Walt Disney by Alfred Milotte in the early 1940s. Walt had contracted Al and his wife, Elma, to shoot film in Alaska for a planned documentary—an early foray for the Company into stories about real people and places, which Walt hoped would have …

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Ludwig Von Drake and Walt Disney

Seven Things We’ve “Learned” From Disney in the Classroom

By Jim Fanning You’ve heard of the three R’s—“reading, ‘riting, ‘rithmetic”—but when it comes to Disney in the classroom, it’s more about the three E’s: entertainment, engagement, and, of course, enchantment. For decades, teachers have used Disney films to open the minds and excite the imaginations of their students. “Educational films will never replace the …

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