101 Dalmatians

(Approximately) 101 Reasons Why I Love One Hundred and One Dalmatians!

Follow my lead and you’ll sniff out the reasons I think this classic Disney film is spot-on.
A self-professed dog lover, Walt Disney naturally came up with a doggoned good film when making a movie all about his beloved mutts. On more than one occasion, Walt appeared on his TV show with a canine co-star, and on the February 12, 1961 installment of his Walt Disney…

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Summer Magic

The Pink of Perfection: Walt Disney’s Summer Magic

By Jim Fanning

As charming as a lovely girl in a frilly summer frock, as delicious as an ice cream social, as carefree as an old-fashioned sing-a-long around the player piano—that’s Walt Disney’s Summer Magic (1963). This lovingly crafted slice of Americana stars Disney Legend Hayley Mills in her fourth film for Walt, as the exuberant, quixotic, and effusive…

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photo of sign outside the enchanted tiki room stating under new management

The Tiki Room Celebrates 50 Years

Welcome to Our Tropical Hideaway, You Lucky People, You
For 50 years of pleasure and glee, Disneyland guests have been singing (and whistling) along with the fantastic flora and fabulous fauna of Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room. Starring 225 of some of the most singular Disney characters ever created in the form of trilling birds, warbling flowers, and chanting…

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Walt Disney's signature

The Most Famous Signature of All Time

Whose autograph brings bigger bucks from collectors than those of movie stars and most United States presidents? That’s right, it’s Walt Disney. What’s more, that curvy, loopy signature has something that’s priceless: global recognition. Everyone knows the name “Disney,” especially in its form as the logo of The Walt Disney Company—and of course the…

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two production stills from the movie Son of Flubber showing star Fred MacMurray and actor Ken Murray

Fred MacMurray Flies Again in Walt Disney’s Son of Flubber


What are the secret ingredients in a foolproof formula for a hit Disney comedy? Add a beaker of beloved Disney stars like Fred MacMurray and Tommy Kirk, mix in some mixed-up comic circumstances, stir in a test tube of startling special-effects and a vial of Ed Wynn, and the chemical reaction gives you—watch out for the explosive wackiness!—Son of…

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America on Parade

Celebrating Disney’s America on Parade

By Jim Fanning

Unfurl the flags, strike up the bands, and light the fireworks… it’s time for an Independence Day salute to America on Parade, Disney’s jubilee of music, emotion, and memorable moments designed to honor the American Bicentennial in style. Proclaimed as a “new achievement in Disney pageantry,” this colorful tribute to the history and legacy of the…

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Blackbeard's Ghost

Blackbeard Haunts Again

By Jim Fanning

“The most fearsome pirate ever,” Ian McShane, who portrays the infamous Blackbeard in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, rightly observes. “There’s a legion of stories about him, and whether they’re true or not, he’s now part of pirate mythology.” Blackbeard’s Ghost (1968) followed in the side-splitting tradition of Walt Disney’s…

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Where the Flubber Meets the Road

Familiar with the smash-hit, glowingly reviewed, and Oscar®-nominated film that’s set on a college campus? It’s where a revolutionary new invention gets the whole university bouncing. No, we’re not talking about 2010’s The Social Network. The above accolades reference The Absent-Minded Professor (1961). Walt Disney’s enormously popular funfest of a film. Starring Fred…

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illustrated cover of Walt Disney Comics book

Seven Decades of Disney Comic Delights

Donald Duck turns over a new leaf of history on the first issue of Walt Disney

Disney became the proud owner of Marvel Comics in 2009, but the House that the Mouse Built has actually been a comic book powerhouse for quite some time. Witness the long-standing comic magazine that has been accurately billed as
“The Best-Selling Comic Book of All Time,” Walt Disney’s…

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A Revolutionary Story

By Jim Fanning

To the youth of the world… in whose spirit and courage rests the hope of eventual freedom for all mankind… ” With these stirring words, Walt Disney opened his rousing live-action adventure film Johnny Tremain (1957). Colorfully recreating historic events of the American Revolution from the Boston Tea Party to Paul Revere’s midnight ride, Johnny…

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