Which Patriotic Attraction is Your Favorite?

Independence Day is just around the corner, and one of our favorite parts of visiting Disney Parks is experiencing the attractions that offer a glimpse into American history. We’ve all enjoyed them again and again, but does one stand out above the rest?


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How Disneyland’s Liberty Street Evolved Into Magic Kingdom’s Hall of Presidents

In this D23-exclusive short film, which was created for Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, we explore the evolution of the Hall of Presidents.

No attraction reflects Walt’s love of American history more than the Hall of Presidents at Liberty Square in Walt Disney World, which was based on an idea he…

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Herb Ryman drawing

Herb Ryman

In 1953, Walt Disney asked Herb Ryman to sketch an idea for an amusement park that would appeal to both children and adults. Over a single weekend—and with Walt looking over his shoulder—Herb took a small carbon pencil and illustrated Walt’s dreams on paper. Within two years, those dreams were transformed into reality and Disneyland became the first theme park of…

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The Hall of Presidents Story, Part II

Part II of a series; click here to read Part I.

After his passing in December 1966, Walt Disney left behind an entertainment empire to a group of bewildered staff members, artists and Imagineers. It was only through their passion and commitment to their late visionary’s dreams that the unprecedented Walt Disney World project could go forward. Before them was the…

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The Hall of Presidents Story

Early in his presidency, President Bill Clinton, in a speech that would be heard by millions of Americans, explained the very principles at the heart of America’s value system and its quest for democracy.

“My fellow citizens, we are the heirs of the great American Revolution… and we are ready to carry our great national experiment forward into the next…

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