Thanks D23 fans

Thank YOU for 10 Years of Disney Magic | 10 Years of D23

By D23 Team

D23: The Official Disney Fan Club is celebrating 10 years of Disney magic, once-in-a-lifetime events, and so much more—all thanks to Disney fans! To every Disney fan who has helped us reach this stupendous milestone, we wanted to say, “thank you!” for helping us sprinkle some extra pixie dust on the past decade. As the fun continues all year, stay…

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Indiana Jones in Disney Parksa

Everywhere You Can Adventure with Indiana Jones at Disney Parks

By Jocelyn Buhlman

We’re celebrating the 35th anniversary of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom this month as part of our year-long FAN-niversary celebration! Of course, whenever we want to celebrate something big, there’s only one place to go—Disney parks! To help wish a happy 35 years to Indy’s second cinematic adventure, we’ve rounded up our favorite…

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D23 By the Numbers

Must-See Stats from 10 Years of D23

By Karina Schink

In case you haven’t heard, 2019 marks our 10-year anniversary. That’s right! Ten fun-filled magical years of The Official Disney Fan Club that’s made for you and me. We’ve been celebrating since our actual anniversary on March 10, and we plan to keep the festivities going all year long! Today we’re celebrating by bringing to life one of…

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Disney twenty-three

Every Digital Disney twenty-three Article to Celebrate 10 Years of D23

By D23 Team

Our 10-year FANniversary celebration encompasses all things D23: 10 years of amazing events, 10 years of unbelievable D23 Expos, 10 years of stunning member gifts, and—of course—10 years of the Disney twenty-three publication! All D23 Gold Members receive a one-year subscription to our collectible publication, filled with stunning photography,…

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The Love Bug

Did You Know? 5 High-Speed Facts About The Love Bug

By Jim Fanning

Shifting for himself against all odds, that scrappy little speedster Herbie first sped into view 50 years ago when The Love Bug was released on March 13, 1969. This high-octane comedy hit about a Volkswagen “Beetle” with a mind—and heart—of its own is one of Disney’s most popular hits. Through the magic of Disney special effects, the lovable…

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D23 2019 Gold Member Gift

Unboxing the EXCLUSIVE D23 10 FAN-tastic Milestones Pin Set | D23 2019 Gold Member Gift

By the D23 Team

2019 is a milestone year for Disney fans. Not only does it mark the 10th anniversary of D23: The Official Disney Fan Club, but many of our favorite Disney classics are celebrating big birthdays this year. There are all kinds of special anniversaries—from 90 years of getting spooked by The Skeleton Dance to 10 years of us holding back our tears…

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D23 Memories

10 FAN-tastic Memories from 10 D23 Team Members

By the D23 Team

Today marks our 10th anniversary since D23: The Official Disney Fan Club was founded, and since we’ve been sharing magical Disney moments with Disney fans. We love celebrating Disney with fans because we’re Disney fans, too! To help celebrate our milestone anniversary, we asked 10 of our team members to share their favorite moments from when we…

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D23 Gold Member gifts

So Much Swag! Unboxing 10 Years of D23 Gold Member Gifts

By Zach Johnson

In celebration of D23’s 10th anniversary, we’re unboxing the magic once again by taking a closer look at all the exclusive goodies our Gold Members have received over the years. From limited-edition lithographs to rare reproductions, D23 Gold Members have amassed quite a collection!

Without further ado, here is the complete list of annual D23…

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