Walt Disney and Haunted Mansion

Test Your Disney Knowledge with The Ultimate Anniversary Quiz

By Karina Schink

This year is our 10th anniversary! That’s right—10 years ago today D23 became the first Official Disney Fan Club, and each year, it’s only gotten better. We’re honoring our first decade by testing your own Disney knowledge with a trivia quiz! But, this isn’t just any trivia quiz. Our Anniversary Quiz is filled with questions honoring each of our pins from this year’s D23 Gold Member Gift.

Do you have what it takes to prove you’re the ultimate Disney fan?

1. What is Donald Duck’s Middle Name?
A. Augustus
B. Swansdown
C. Fauntleroy
D. Worthington

2. What do Indiana Jones, Willie, and Short Round from Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom have in common?
A. They all went by pseudonyms
B. They were all named after dogs of crew members
C. They were all estranged from their fathers
D. They all hated their names

3. What was the title of the premiere episode of Disneyland the TV series?
A. “The Disneyland Story”
B. “The Disney Story”
C. “Disneyland”
D. “An Adventure in Disneyland”

4. While riding your Doom Buggy in Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion, you come across a ghostly bride. What is her name?
A. Columbia
B. Colette
C. Cora
D. Constance

5. Back in 1979, the Muppets made their film debut in The Muppet Movie. But, can you identify which of the following Muppet songs did not debut in the 1979 film?
A. “The Rainbow Connection”
B. “Movin’ Right Along”
C. “Can You Picture That?”
D. “Mahna Mahna”

6. The Skeleton Dance was the first of which cartoon series?
A. Melody Time
B. The Disney Afternoon
C. The Silly Symphonies
D. Alice Comedies

7. Where does the frequent Pixar Easter Egg A113 appear in Up?
A. The number of the court room behind Carl
B. Carl and Ellie’s street address
C. On Charles Muntz’ airship
D. On Dug’s collar

8. Which The Little Mermaid character was at one point named Wendell during production?
A. Sebastian
B. Flounder
C. Prince Eric
D. Chef Louis

9. In the lobby of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which classic board game is left “in play”?
A. Chess
B. Checkers
C. Mahjong
D. Backgammon

10. What was Marvel Comics first known as?
A. Excelsior
B. Mystic Comics
C. S.A. Comics
D. Timely Comics


1: C. Fauntleroy

Donald Duck is one of the few Disney characters to have a middle name. It was in the 1942 cartoon Donald Gets Drafted that we first learned his name, and it was in a story meeting that the name was first suggested. But, it wasn’t the first one that was thrown out. Before settling on Fauntleroy, Swansdown was the favorite to become his middle name.

2. B. They were all named after dogs of crew members

At the end of the third installment of the saga, we learn that Indiana gets his nickname from the family dog, something he seems to be quite ashamed of, but it’s  also true in real life. Indiana Jones is named after director and creator George Lucas’ Alaskan malamute. So, when it came time for the sequel, they kept the tradition and named Short Round after the screenwriters’ dog, and Willie after Steven Spielberg’s dog.

3.  A. “The Disneyland Story”

The first episode of Disneyland aired on October 27, 1954, on ABC. While also being a way to promote the upcoming theme park the company was planning, it was also created in order to fund what would become Disneyland. The Disneyland television series won the Emmy as Best Variety Series during its first season, and another award for Walt Disney as Best Producer of a Filmed Series the following year.

4.  D. Constance

In May 2006, Constance or “Black Widow Bride” found her home in the attic of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, where she can still be found reciting her vows. While there is no ghostly groom to be found upstairs, there are many portraits of past husbands.

5. D. “Mahna Mahna”

Not only was The Muppet Movie a big hit with the fans, but in 1980, the Academyâ also recognized its marvelous melodies. It was nominated for both Best Original Song for the now classic “The Rainbow Collection” and for Best Original Score. While it didn’t walk away with any awards that year, the Muppets did snag the Best Original Song Oscar for “Man or Muppet” in 2012.

6. C. The Silly Symphonies

August 22, 1929 saw the debut of the first every “Silly Symphony”: The Skeleton Dance. Similar to many things in Disney history, the musical cartoon series began as just an idea to push creative and artistic boundaries. Ub Iwerks, Carl Stalling, and Walt Disney teamed up to produce this ground-breaking cartoon, the first of its kind, where the musical score and animation were planned, designed, and executed in unison.

7. A. The number of the court room behind Carl

As is Pixar tradition, A113 does appear in 2009’s Up. As Carl waits outside the courtroom, a sign hanging to his left shows the popular Easter Egg. This nod to a classroom at Cal Arts, where many Pixar animators went to school. A113 can be seen in many Pixar films: as a license plate in Toy Story, on a building in a bug’s life, and the scuba diver’s camera in Finding Nemo (to name just a few).

8. C. Prince Eric

Before he was the dashing Prince Eric, Ariel’s true love was actually called Wendell. But, he wasn’t the only character who went through an identity crisis. Sebastian was called Clarence early on, and then Desmond before settling on his full name: Horatio Felonious Ignacious Crustaceous Sebastian.

9. C. Mahjong

Many of the props in the lobby of the Hollywood Tower Hotel are actually authentic to the time period, and were hand-picked to create a realistic 1939 setting. Imagineers found many of the antiques at Los Angeles-area auction houses.

10. D. Timely Comics

In 1939 Martin Goodman, a New York publisher, founded Timely Comics and began to develop (by popular demand) comic books. Their very first comic book, entitled “Marvel Comics,” was released in October of 1939, and introduced the original, android Human Torch. Timely Comics would go on to change its name to Marvel Comics in 1961.