Goofy, Russell, and Rapunzel

Which Disney Character Should Be Your Vacation Buddy?

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by Savannah Salazar

The only thing better than going on vacation is going on vacation with a friend! Answer the questions below and find out which Disney character should be your travel buddy.

Want to see all the possible Disney vacation buddies? Head over to our friends at Alamo to see who…

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Haunted Mansion

Find Out If Your Haunted Mansion Knowledge Is Scary Good

By Jocelyn Buhlman

Many Disney fans count themselves as ghostly geniuses when it comes to Haunted Mansion facts—after all, with such a storied history and with so many hidden details to find, learning about the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland is a guaranteed ghoulish good time for everyone. One thing in particular that has entranced fans is the attraction’s famous…

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Donald Duck

Prove You’re a Wise Little Hen with this Donald Duck Trivia Quiz

By Karina Schink

Donald Duck—the myth, the legend, the feathered fowl that needs no introducktion. June 9 marked Donald Duck’s 85th anniversary and we’ve been celebrating all week long, from a look back at one of his most grooviest moments to this very quiz right here. Do you have what it takes to add a feather to your cap? Take our quiz to find…

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Disney Character quiz

Can You Guess the Running Disney Character?

By Karina Schink

Our friends over at runDisney recently released the themes of their upcoming races, and it got us thinking.

View this post on Instagram It’s the most magical race weekend on Earth! ✨Swipe through for a look at this year’s race themes for the 2020 @WaltDisneyWorld Marathon Weekend presented by @cignatogether! ?Details via…

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Walt Disney and Haunted Mansion

Test Your Disney Knowledge with The Ultimate Anniversary Quiz

By Karina Schink

This year is our 10th anniversary! That’s right—10 years ago today D23 became the first Official Disney Fan Club, and each year, it’s only gotten better. We’re honoring our first decade by testing your own Disney knowledge with a trivia quiz! But, this isn’t just any trivia quiz. Our Anniversary Quiz is filled with questions honoring each…

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Which Disney pig are you?

Which Disney Pig Are You?

By Karina Schink

Happy Year of the Pig! Today marks the beginning of the new year, and we are so excited to celebrate what we’re sure will be a good one. While the party has already started at Disney California Adventure, we still have one burning question we need answered: Which Disney pig are you? Snout knowing is just not acceptable, so trot ahead and see which…

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Hocus Pocus

Which Sanderson Sister Are You?

By Karina Schink

Are you more of a Winifred, Mary, or Sarah? To truly take part in running amuck, amuck, amuck this Halloween you have to know where you belong in this iconic Salem trio. Take our quiz to find out, once and for all, which witch you are!

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Mickey mouse trivia qui

Take the Ultimate Mickey Mouse Trivia Quiz

By D23 Team

This year we’re celebrating all things Mickey Mouse for his 90th, and we’re calling all of you Mickey fans to test your knowledge of one of the most legendary pals in the world. Are you the ultimate fan, or are you just getting acquainted with the mouse himself? Test your knowledge to find out! Want even more Mickey knowledge? Learn about our…

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