Marvel Watch - iris

Suit up with Citizen’s Marvel Watch Collection

By D23 Team A hammer, a shield, a cape, a web-shooter. Every superhero has something that stands out, and now, you can wear your fandom on your sleeve—well, wrist—with the brand-new Citizen x Marvel Watch Collection celebrating Marvel’s 80th anniversary. Featuring designs inspired by incredible heroes, this collection is out of this world with super …

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Captain Marvel - AZ

Captain Marvel (film)

Captain Marvel (film) Leaving her earthly life behind, Carol Danvers joins an intergalactic elite Kree military team called Starforce, led by their enigmatic commander, Yon-Rogg. But after Danvers has trained and worked with the Starforce team, and become a valued member, she finds herself back on Earth with new questions about her past. While on …

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Captain Marvel Spring 2019 Disney twenty-three

Spring 2019

Brie Larson Goes higher, further, and faster for a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Captain Marvel

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Captain Marvel

7 Super-Secret Stories from the Captain Marvel Cast and Filmmakers

By Beth Deitchman On Friday, March 8, we go back to the 1990s to embark on new adventures with a powerful Super Hero unlike any we’ve ever seen before. Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel stars Brie Larson as the title character—aka Carol Danvers—a key member of the intergalactic elite Kree military team Starforce. But after Carol …

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victoria alonso

Carol Danvers? Kree? Find Out What These Words Mean to Victoria Alonso

Click HERE to see Victoria Alonso’s amazing Marvel collectibles! By Karina Schink Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel is almost here, and we’re so excited to finally see Carol Danvers go higher, further, and faster than any Super Hero before. To celebrate, we sat down with Marvel Studios Executive Vice President of Production Victoria Alonso to play …

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