Build a Mickey Mouse Pop-Up Clubhouse

This whimsical craft celebrating Walt Disney’s original Mickey Mouse Club was created by the Walt Disney Productions character merchandising division in Toronto and sent to company business partners in the 1960s. With Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Ludwig Von Drake, and Pinocchio greeting recipients, the piece was inspired by the unique clubhouse set piece originally designed by Disney art director Bruce Bushman for the children’s series.

8.5 x 11-inch white cardstock (printable)
Glue stick or double-sided tape
Scissors or Exacto knife

  1. Download and print out both pages (Pages 1 and 2) onto your cardstock.
  1. Using the scissors, cut out the red roof on Page 2. Make sure to keep the white tabs at either side of the roof intact.
  1. Next, with your scissors (or Exacto knife), cut out the small white slit—bordered in black—on one side of the roof.
  1. With your scissors (or Exacto knife), cut out the clubhouse on Page 1. Pay special attention to some of the smaller corner images, like the chimneys; this is where an Exacto knife would come in handy. (NOTE: If using an Exacto knife, cut your clubhouse on a cutting mat or other appropriate surface.)
  1. Also, make sure to cut the edge of the tab on either side of the “Mickey posts a bill” and “Pinocchio waves hello” images—you won’t be able to fold those specific tabs back otherwise.
  1. Fold back (or “in”) each labeled tab, and fold up all four sides of the clubhouse—creating its “floor.” The general shape of the clubhouse should begin to form… (See photo for details.)
  1. Fold the middle (horizontal) crease of the roof piece, and fold both white tabs back (or “in”).
  1. Place the roof on top of the clubhouse, and glue or tape the roof tabs onto nearest clubhouse tabs.
  1. You can use your new Mickey Mouse Pop-Up Clubhouse as a bank… or just as a unique, vintage holiday decoration!

NOTE: Cutting—especially with an Exacto knife—should be done by an adult.