Spooktacular Fanniversary crafts nightmare board game

Jack and Sally’s Ghoulish Adventure Game Instructions

What you will need:

Kids, have a grown-up help you with the scissors and glue.

To make the game board:

  1. Print out the page onto heavy printer paper.
  2. Cut away the white paper around the board
  3. Securely tape the two pieces together where shown.

To make the game pieces:

  1. Print out the page onto heavy paper and cut along the solid lines.
  2. Fold along the dashed lines.
  3. Apply glue to the backs of the game pieces and press together.
  4. Fold open the base flaps to make a stand.

To make the die:

  1. Cut along the solid lines and fold along the dashed lines.
  2. Fold the tabs so when the die is assembled they are inside.
  3. Apply glue or tape as you assemble the die