Beauty and the Beast

9 Easy Ways to Have a Cozy Disney Day

By Nicole Nalty

While we’re all for exploring the great outdoors, during the chillier months it’s nice to stay snuggled up and enjoy a relaxing day indoors. Here are some tips to ensure that you have the ultimate cozy Disney day:

Mickey Mouse pajamas

1. Find your coziest Disney sweater, socks, or pajamas.

Baymax plush

2. Grab your pillow pet, favorite plush, or softest blanket.

Steakhouse 55's Eggs Benedict

3. Whip up an awesome entrée––like Steakhouse 55’s Eggs Benedict.

Snow White

4. Get started on a movie marathon––maybe you’ll watch all of the Star Wars films, or every Disney Princess film, or every Toy Story film (don’t forget the tissues!).

Baked hot chocolate

5. Make yourself a cup of hot cocoa (or create your own hot chocolate bar!).

Disney books

6. Snuggle up with a good book (or two…).


7. Binge watch favorite shows on the ABC app.

Moana coloring page

8. De-stress with a little coloring.

9. Treat yourself to a facial sugar scrub inspired by Wreck-It Ralph––so sweet!