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Enroll in Your Favorite Disney School with These School ID Photo Frames

By D23 Team

Are you in training to become the best scarer in all of Monstropolis? Was your parent a famous Disney hero? Are you the teenage girl who can save the world? Don’t worry, we’ve got your school ID ready for you! Go back to school the Disney way with these photo frames representing some of our favorite institutions of Disney education: Auradon Prep (Descendants and Descendants 2), East High School (High School Musical, High School Musical 2, High School Musical 3), Medfield College of Technology (The Absent-Minded Professor, The Computer wore Tennis Shoes, Flubber), Middleton High School (Kim Possible), and Monsters University (Monsters University).

Want an ID but not sure which school to call your alma mater? Take our quiz to find out where you should enroll!

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